Who Is Lt Colonel Fezul Bichikaev? Wikipedia, Age And Wife Details


Fezul Bichikaev was the deputy commander of the Yekaterinburg regiment. He was an Elite soldier of Russia.

Fezul Bichikaev was 36 years old at the time of passed away. Fezul was born in the Vladikavkaz region, Russia.

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Col Fezul was reportedly ki*led in the Kharkiv Oblast region on May 2, 2022, in a counteratt*ck by Ukrainian force.

His demise has been honored for the great service and patriotism that he showed towards his born motherland.

Bickikaev was one of Russia’s youngest colonels, commanding his regiment as second in command, and his demise was a heavy, irreparable loss.

Late Fezul Bichikaev was a married man, and Bichikaev was the father of three children.

According to research, Russian soldiers are paid annual salaries as low as $20,500 and as high as $114,000.

Fezul was bur*ed with full military honors and a triple volley of guns in Chunaki village, Penza region.

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