Who is Shilpi Raj? Why Shilpi Raj vedio and photos viral on social media


Shilpi Raj video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit.Shilpi Raj video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Shilpi Raj ? And why he is trending on social media.

Shilpi Raj
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Who is Shilpi Raj?

Shilpi Raj is an Indian singer who is known for her work in Bhojpuri music albums.
She grew up in a poor family in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.
Since childhood, she was interested in singing, and while she was studying in school, she used to participate in various singing programmes held in her school.
When she first performed in a programme held in her village, she was encouraged by the local people to pursue a career in singing. After completing her 10th standard studies at a village school in Deoria, she moved to Patna, where she completed her 12th standard. During her stay in Patna, she used to practice singing.
She learned the basics of music from Ramanand Swami in Siwan, Bihar.
In 2017, she started her singing career with the Bhojpuri song “Bhukur Bhukur Light Barab Karejau” alongside Sameer Sawan.

The song became popular on social media in no time, capturing the attention of everyone on the internet.

The song has already received over 260k views and over 5k likes in only a few days since its release. Shilpi’s admirers are gushing over her after hearing the song.

Shilpi Raj is a famous singer who gets into the trending section for her song and her movies but this time she is connected with some private video.

Dua just wants to watch the video and get to know no about her Initially the video is on Twitter then it gets to the other social media handles. the video is also so on Reddit.

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