Who is skai Jackson ? Skai Jackson video and photos trending on Twitter and Reddit


American actress, and YouTuber and author skai Jackson Video is trending again. There are lots of searches about her video on social media platforms especially on Twitter.

in this article we are going to inform you that who is Skai Jackson? And why he is trending on social media.

Skai Jackson
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Who is Skai Jackson ?

Skai Jackson is an American actress , she was born on 8 April 2002 in new York , United States. She portrayed the role of zuri Ross in the Disney channel sticom jessie , which she subsequently reprised in its sequel . Her parents names are Kiya Cole and Jacob Jackson.

Skai Jackson video on Twitter

Famous celebrity skai Jackson has become a web sensation after her video was shared by her boyfriend.

skai Jackson video really makes people curious that’s why it has been viewed by many users on internet.


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