Who is Tajinder Bagga? Why Is He Arrested Live Video Recorded Check Crime Report & Charges


Through this article we discuss about a new story of a arrested of a Tajinder Bagga.

Tajinder Bagga one of the renowned personalities belonging to Punjab smashed the headlines throughout after his arrest by Haryana Police. His detention is covered live by information sources. As per the reports, Haryana Police arrested Tajinder Bagga and handed him to Delhi Police.

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The hands of the Punjab Police Authority remained blank. The famous political personality had been apprehended by Punjab Police but halted in the mid-way by Haryana police who took over the custody and again handed the BJP spokesperson to Delhi Police. Get more information on Tajinder Bagga Arrested Live by Haryana Police.According to the latest reports issued by some of the notable information, sources asserted that Haryana Police halted the way of Punjab Police after the complaint of Delhi Law Enforcement. The procession of police has been stopped by Haryana Police near Kurushetra and brought him back to the capital. While Punjab police remained empty-handed.

BJP spokesperson Tejinder Bagga was detained by the Punjab police in the early hours of Friday and took him Mohali along. But amidst Delhi police complaints discovered by Haryana police and convoy stopped at Kurushetra and took the custody of the spokesperson.Delhi Police Authority lodged a complaint against Punjab police for kidnapping Tajinder Bagga from Delhi. Well, at the same time another complaint has been registered by Punjab Police against Tajinder Singh under the cyber cell. The complaint has been filed in Mohali, Punjab due to which the police authority approached the politician to arrest.

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