Who is the mother of Han so – He


Hello cute friend, today the surprising news is trending on social media is mother of Han so he. Fans of Han so he wants about the mother of Han so he. There are many searches on the internet. Friends without wasting time we gonna explain you who is Han So-he and who is her mother

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Who is Han So-he

Han so he is South Korean actress and model. She was born in November 18, 1994. Her started her career as supportting actress in drama Money Flower in 2017 she got lead role in JBTC series The world of married in 2020, Nevertheless in 2021and Net flix producedThe flower in 2021. She played role of Yeo-Da-kyung is reason of her popularity allover the world.

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She got a lot of nomination and award on different dramas and series

Song Kang And Han Soo Hee Dating

As wwhen two famous personalities met on public place their asumed they are dating also song Kang and Han Soo Hee are met on different places so they are dating

Who is mother of Han so he

There are many news are circulated on social media that MS Shine is mother of Han so he but Han So he uncovered the tale of her mother , Ms Shin has been sued in a 100,00,000 KRW (10,000USD) worth fraud case. The matter came to notice after Han So Hee was to be sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. This women use account of Han se he and do money fraud. Han so he said it’s not my responsibility.

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