Who is Tya Posley – Tya baby video – tya posley video


In this article we are going to explain you that Who is Tya Posley – Tya baby video – tya posley video.

A Florida-based woman Tya Posley has been arrested by the cops on charges of child as a video shows her slapping a year old daughter.

The video shows the little baby crying after getting slapped. However, the part is that the woman hitting her child is now in custody.

Tya Posley
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A woman slapping and hitting a 1-year-old baby led to a woman’s arrest Tuesday morning, according to police.

A woman arrested, at her home after receiving word about the video being trending on social media.

The video surfaced on the internet has got a strong reaction over it. Calling it an act of child hit. Owing to this the Sanford Police have already taken action on the woman Tya Posley. Meanwhile, the video has gone trend on the internet and has been witnessing slam by everyone.

on investigation and examination Police didn’t find any bruises on the body of the infant. the mother of the baby was arrested.

On the other hand, the baby was taken to the Child Protection Services. Tya was kept at Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. However, she is now on release after paying a bond .

Netizens gave a strong reaction to it. While the hit mother is to appear in court on June 7th. Her one-year-old daughter is still with Child Protection Services.

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