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Yamimash biography
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Who is Yamimash

Aaron Ash, better known as Yamimash or Yami, was born on August 25, 1991 in Warwick, England, so he is currently 28 years old.

He is a YouTuber, vlogger and professional gamer who is known for his commentary on games such as “Five Nights At Freddy’s” and “Slender”.

Yamimash According to his private Facebook account, Yamimash was a student at Leamington College.

YouTube Player Career Talking about his career, he started his official YouTube channel in June 2007 under the username “Yamimash”, but his career officially started in 2009 when he started uploading videos.

At first he played “God Of War 3” and produced GOW3 videos, then he started playing another game called “Call Of Duty” so for a while he only had a channel for two games.

Playing games online and watching others play games online are two activities that have grown into huge industries since their early beginnings.

Yamimash biography

There are countless success stories from people who have become millionaires playing games online.

Yamimash is a YouTube gamer who has had the world at his feet. In 2009, he started uploading videos and started attracting quite a large number of fans. However, controversy arose in early 2016.

This led to a series of events that saw his rising fame dwindle to near non-existence.

However, in early 2017, he began to put the pieces of his faltering career back together.

Youtuber Yamimash was born as Aaron Ash on August 25, 1991 somewhere in the United Kingdom.

When he started uploading videos in 2009, he only started playing God of War 3.

In the early days, Yamimash wasn’t much of a fan of comments and didn’t bother with them in his videos.

But as the industry began to evolve, he decided to give it a try and it caught on with his fan base.

In 2012, Yamimash decided to expand its portfolio beyond the two-game channel.

He started trying other games and his popularity exploded again.

Yamimash career

Despite the increased number of games he played, his preferences still leaned towards horror or horror-related games such as Slender, Dream of the Blood Moon, White Noise, Hotel 626, MAZE, etc.

However, “Mash”, as he is affectionately called he says his followers weren’t just playing scary games.

Its game catalog also includes videos for games like Minecraft and Pokemon.

Yamimash also provides facecam in almost all its games. He is mostly a solo player, however he has done a few collaborations with some of his YouTuber friends.

He did a lot of collaborations with his friend Edge. They shot a total of 20 video episodes for Bloody Trapland.

They also collaborated on a Youtube series where they played the horror game Slendytubbies.

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