Who Was Christy Shelton? 2008 Case Being Re-examined In Limestone County


In this article we discuss about the story of reopening an old case of Christy Shelton in Limestone county after a long time.

In 2008 in Limestone County of Alabama a woman Christy Shelton was sh*t to demise. The case was closed at the time with a few minor investigations and later declared sui*ide however now recently the case is reopened and it is believed this time the result vibes positive.

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According to a report, Amid the look for an inmate has reopened a 14-year-old case of Christy Shelton who was sadly sh*t in Alabama. It is also believed the demise of Christy Shelton is attached to Casey who she was rumored to date as Casey and Vicky white both are lacking and run away.

The investigation involves the demise of 31-year-old Christy Shelton, who was sh*t to demise with a sawed-off sh*tgun, but at the time, her demise has ruled a sui*ide, at the time of Shelton’s demise, police said that White was there at the home in Lexington.

But after an investigation, he was ruled out as a suspect. Later, it was also reported that Shelton’s family never believed that tale they even asked questions about what precisely Casey was doing when Shelton was sh*t.

And they found out that Casey and Shelton were dating. It was her family that has now taken a massive step to social media to push for a re-investigation into this case and so is it their wish has been granted.

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