Who was Rosa Bonheur – why Google gave honored to Rosa Bonheur


Hello friend, today I am came with another news that a lady Rosa Bonheur is top headline of every webpage people wants to know who is Rosa Bonheur and people are giving him much attention. In this article we are going to explain who was Rosa Bonheur and what is the reason of that she is important

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Who was Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur was a famous French artist she was born in 16 March 1822. She was born in two artist house because her mother is famous musician Sophie Marquis, and her father is famous drawing teacher Raymond Bonheur, she was four eldest siblings. She found of painting she learnt painting skill from her father.

According to Rosa Bonheur “I was not yet four years old when I conceived a veritable passion for drawing, and I bespattered the white walls as high as I could reach with my shapeless daubs,”

When she was 10 year old her mother passed away and her family faced financial crises. Then she started copying in Louvre Museum.

Rosa loved to drawn the animal in the start her painting did not attract the people but she still continued her work on painting and after great struggle her work on animal paintings is attracted people but in 1849 her father passed away. After this she opened her studio with her friend. Her worked is liked very fast then in 1855 queen Victoria invited her to visit England

Why Google give attributes to Rosa Bonheur
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Why Google gave honored to Rosa Bonheur

In 1865 in the age of 43 year old French Empress Eugenie awarded Bonheur the Legion of Honour. She was first Lady who received this kind of appreciation. In 1870 she started to sketch the lion. In 1898, Bonheur began to live with a young American lady artist named Anna Klumpe. Who was written her biography. Alas,after one year in 1899 the age of 77 year old a very amazing lady passed away. On 16 March Bonheur birthday a d Google gave him honored because of her lifetime achievements.

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