Who Was Umang Gupta? Technology Trailblazer Dies At 73 What Was His Death Cause.


Through this Article we explain in front of you about the news of Umang Gupta death.

Who Was Umang Gupta?

Umang Gupta was well known in the Silicon Valley for his never say attitude. If we talk about him more, Umang was always identified as the first Indian started a software company public on NASDAQ in the year 1993.

Image source: Twitter.

Umang Gupta innovation and way of main the company were just superb that take the corporation to other heights of success.

Umang was 73 years of his age at the time of his death. This tragic incident occurred on 19th April 2022 on Tuesday.

Indian American entrepreneur and Silicon Valley, California done credited with writing the first business plan for Oracle .

But now, it is an end of a legendary era of Umang Gupta. Our hearts go out to his household. May his soul rest in peace.

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