Why South African Artists Makhadzi arrested?


Today social media is famous place where things goes viral , the news is spread on social media ir related to the famous personality of industry the news is famous South African artist makhadzi is arrested without wasting of time we are going to explain who is Makhadzi and why is she arrested


Who is Makhadzi

Makhadzi is an south African singer and songwriter, Popstar. She was born in 30 June 1996 Ha-Mashamba, Limpopo, South Africa. She began her singing career in very young age. Her famous songs are “ Tshanda Vhuya” and “Matorokisi”.

Makhadzi and Master KG

Makhadzi and Master KG are firstly dating Then they were separated because Master KG said he has to focus his career now they became together again and shared some photographs for their fans.

Makhadzi on stage

Why Makhadzi arrested

Some days before we see Makhadzi performing on stage and suddenly she pushed off dancer after seeing this public claimed that makhadzi should be arrested. According to resources Makhadzi came on stage having water bottle and Mike in her hands suddenly dancers fore of the stage Makhadzi just raised her hand just for survival she may not fell on stage and dancer may fell off the stage

Image source Twitter

According to resources dancer has same major injuries due to this news circulated that makhadzi is arrested but regarding her arrest news there is no conformation about her arrest. Up coming news will be updated.

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