YouTuber Tess Christine, 30, reveals cancer diagnosis


In this article we are going to explain about YouTuber Tess Christine, Tess Christine, 30, reveals cancer diagnosis.

Tess Christine is well known social media influencer. She is amazing content creator on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and other apps.

Tess Christine
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the lady has greater than 2.33M subscribers she Joined the YT on Apr 20, 2008, and because the date, the lady has 106,443,214 views until now.

YouTuber Tess Christine is opening up about her cancer diagnosis at age 30.The New York City–based beauty and lifestyle vlogger, who gave birth to her first child Theo last year, shared that she had gone dark on the video sharing site for more than a month after receiving the diagnosis,

she continued. “After that it felt like a blur, but I knew I had to move quickly after I was diagnosed. I had doctors calling me non-stop

. I went in and got an MRI, and there were additional findings, which made my heart stop. They thought they found something in the lymph nodes, and they saw something

“My right is fine, and it had not spread into my lymph nodes, which was so great to hear, because it was probably the first good news that I had gotten in a couple of weeks,”

“I’m just so grateful for my doctors, and people who take their time to learn and study this stuff and help people and save lives,”

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