Donald Trump could be found Guilty


In this article we discuss about a previous USA president Donald trump.

Donald J Trump and the United States Supreme Court are both are guilty of committing the very horrible crimes, biggest crime against the United States in aiding in Trumps insurrection protecting Clarence Thomas and his wife. Clarence Thomas should be impeached or force to resign.

Image source: Twitter

Although this current situation Donald Trump is no longer president because many of his actions during his administration in past, still carry consequences today and may be in future. If Trump want to people support with him and throw his hat into the ring in 2024 in future elections, here are some obstacles he might need to deal with first and to get out of it.

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald, Jr. Trump, are Guilty of self-dealing and Perjury but they paid the fine of more then $740,000 and will never do the time. 

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