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Hi, friend today iam going to tell you very sad news Death of Mark Lanegan is trending on social media. There are many seeking of death of Mark Lanegan on internet. Death of Mark Lanegan focused and again attention of people on social media. In this blog we are going to explain you who was Mark Lanegan and what are the cause of his death.

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Who was Mark Lanegan

Mark William Lanegan was an American singer-songwriter Author and musician. He was born in 25 November 1964 and he has American nationality. He started his music career in 1984 became members of Screaming tree after this he was member of Queens of the Stone Age

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He released many solo songs The Winding Sheet (1990) Whiskey for the Holy Ghost (1994) Scraps at Midnight (1998) I’ll Take Care of You (1999) Field Songs (2001) Bubblegum (2004) Blues Funeral (2012) Imitations (2013) Phantom Radio (2014) Gargoyle (2017) Somebody’s Knocking (2019).

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He wrote 5 books I Am the Wolf: Lyrics & Writings (2017), Sing Backwards and Weep (2020), Plague Poems with Wesley Eisold (2020), Leaving California (2021), Devil in a Coma (2021).

Who was wife of Mark Lanegan’s

Shelley Brien is famous music collerator and she was wife of famous musician Mark Lenegan. Her birth date is not known yet and she get married with Mark Lanegan in 2020 and they moved to Los Angeles to County Kerry, Ireland in 2020 yet Shelley’s personal life is not on social media.

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Causes of death

He developed an alcohol use disease by age 12 and started the use of drugs heavily by the age of 18, having already been arrested and sentenced to one year’s imprisonment for drug-associated crimes. In 22 February 2022 a famous singer, author is found died in his home in Killarney, Ireland, on the morning. 57 year Mark Lanegan cause of death is not known.

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