Who Is Ben Phillips, Alicia Payne Husband? Wiki Biography Age Instagram


Alicia Payne, the popular Australian politician. Alicia grabs a good position in the list of most influential and powerful women in the Oceania region. Everybody knows about Alicia Payne, everybody knows that she is associated with the popular Australian labor party and has been in the house of representatives since 2019 after the elections, but most of the people out there don’t know about her personal life of Alicia Payne.

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Alicia Payne was born in the capital city of Australia Canberra. Alicia spent her childhood in Canberra. During her childhood, Payne actively took part in sports activities actions and volunteered with space folk groups.

Alicia is married to Ben Phillips, a monetary and social researcher at the Australian Nationwide College ( ANU ). Alicia met her husband Ben in Canberra only.

Ben and Alicia have two kids together. The couple has an elder son named Paul and the name of their daughter is Elena. Elena was born in September 2020.

Alicia is a role model for the working moms in the world. She showed the world how to beat an honest and responsible leader and a responsible mother both at the same time.

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